Lent Spiritual Growth Emphasis


"Fasting is a temporary renunciation of something that is in itself good, like food, in order to intensify our expression of need for something greater; namely, God and his work in our lives." - John Piper

Traditionally, fasting typically includes giving up food. Many people choose to fast from sweets or to give up one meal a day during lent. This practice is meant to help us gain a deeper understanding of our need for Jesus.

While fasting from food is a wonderful practice, 21st century Christians participate in a whole host of activities that have the tendency to create complacency in our faith and induce a spiritual comfort comma. In other words, we often use things like T.V., Facebook, video games, and the endless supply of mindless entertainment on the internet in such a way that we become numb to our true spiritual need. 

Consider fasting from T.V., social media, or some activity that keeps you from fully engaging in your faith. 


Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian walk. Lent can be a great time to reinvest time into your prayer life. Consider praying through a Psalm or two every day during Lent. Rewrite your prayer list and recommit to praying for the people on it. Consider praying over these topics during Lent.

February 14th - 24th: Each day, spend time praying for the families of our church. Pray that marriages will be strengthened. That parents will have wisdom in how to raise children up in the faith. Pray for prodigal children to return and for unbelieving spouses to believe. Try to pray not just for families in general, but to pray for several specific families every day. 

February 25th - March 3rd: Pray for the church's evangelism efforts. Specifically that God will place it in the hearts of our people to want to reach their neighbors, coworkers, and family members. 

March 4th - March 10th:  Pray through Ephesians 3:16-19 for our church. That we will be strengthened with power to understand the height, depth, length, and width of God's love and that we will be overcome with the fact that God's love surpasses all knowledge.

March 11th - 17th: Pray for our children's ministries. Ask God to give us the wisdom to effectively minister to our nursery, preschool, and Jr. church children. Pray that we effectively partner with parents in helping them raise godly children. Pray for new families to come to our church. Pray also for enough volunteers to make our ministries work well.

March 18th - 24th: Pray for our youth ministry. That our students can be effective ministers of the gospel in their schools. That our adult volunteers would have the wisdom and passion to minister effectively to our youth. That the youth ministry helps us make a kingdom impact in Grass Lake. 

March 25th - 31st: Pray for our Easter celebration, that everyone who worships with us will be overwhelmed by Christ's sacrifice and resurrection and those who do not know him will be saved.

Bible Reading

The Bible is central to our spiritual growth. Join the church in reading through the Gospels (Matthew-John) in our run up to easter.  Consider using the reading plan below. If you don't know how to have an effective quiet time, check out this webpage (grasslakefwc.com/how-to-have-a-quiet-time)

Mar 11: Catch Up
Mar 12: Luke 13-14
Mar 13: Luke 15-16
Mar 14: Luke 17-18
Mar 15 Luke 19-20
Mar 16: Luke 21-22
Mar 17: Luke 23-24
Mar 18: Catch Up
Mar 19: John 1-2
Mar 20: John 3-4
Mar 21: John 5-6
Mar 22: John 7-8
Mar 23: John 9-10
Mar 24: John 11-12
Mar 25: Catch Up
Mar 26: John 13-14
Mar 27: John 15-16
Mar 28: John 17-18
Mar 29: John 19-20
Mar 30: John 21
Mar 31: 1 Cor 15
April 1: It's Easter!

Feb 14: Matt 1-3
Feb 15: Matt 4-6
Feb 16: Matt 7-9
Feb 17: Matt 10-12
Feb 18: Catch Up
Feb 19: Matt 13-14
Feb 20: Matt 15-16
Feb 21: Matt 17-18
Feb 22: Matt 19-20
Feb 23: Matt 21-22
Feb 24: Matt 23-24
Feb 25: Catch Up
Feb 26: Matt 25-26
Feb 27: Matt 27-28
Feb 28: Mark 1-3
Mar 1: Mark 4-6
Mar 2: Mark 7-9
Mar 3: Mark 10-12
Mar 4: Catch Up
Mar 5: Mark13-14
Mar 6: Mark 15-16
Mar 7: Luke 1-3
Mar 8: Luke 4-6
Mar 9: Luke 7-9
Mar 10: Luke 10-12